Psych 456/556
Questions to Ponder for April 29, 2002

Miller (1984)

1. Is the Indian culture Miller studies more collectivist or individualistic?

2. Was there reliability across cultures for the coding scheme Miller used?

3. What were the two specific kinds of attributions Milller was interested in? Among adults, who makes more dispositional attributions, Americans or Indians? For which kind of behavior is this difference most visible? Is the same difference found among children?

4. Why did Milller include the classification task at the end of Study 1? Could the results of Study 1 be attributed to differences in economic status, rather than other aspects of culture?

5. Where did the behaviors explained in Miller's Study 2 come from? Did the pattern of results replicate the first study? What important alternative hypothesis does Miller's Study 2 rule out?

Dutton & Aron (1974)

6. What behavioral dependent measure did Dutton and Aron use in studies 1 & 2?

7. What confound in study 1 do they correct for in study 2? What's the point of\ bringing the research into the lab in Study 3?

8. What kinds of activities for romantic dates should be most successful in ter\ ms of making couples attracted to each other? Are these activities prevalent as dating activ\ ities in our culture?

9. What does the Dutton & Aron study suggest about self-knowledge?