Psych 556 - Attitudes and Social Behavior
Term paper assignment for graduate students:
Study Proposal

Each student enrolled in 556 will write a proposal for an empirical study in the field of social psychology. Thus, your paper will include an introduction and methods section, as if you were submitting the study for publication, but possibly with a greater emphasis on the literature review component of the introduction than you would normally include in a paper you were submitting for publication. If it is not explicitly clear in the introduction, you should also provide what results you would expect from your study. The paper make take the more applied form of a program you would like to implement, but you must elaborate on the theoretical explanation of why you think the program will work, and how you will conclusively test the effectiveness of the program. Of course, the program must also make use of social psychological principles.

Please follow the additional instructions for the undergraduate paper (the second option "The next chapter." Keep in mind that I will expect a more extensive literature review from graduate students and more methodological sophistication than from most of the undergraduates.

One final requirement: In order to share your ideas with the other graduate students and to get practice presenting your research ideas, we will meet at some point during dead week or finals week so you can do a brief presentation to me and the other grads (c. 15 minutes each).

A description outlining what you plan to do for your paper (approximately 1-3 pages) is due April 29. If you would be interested in meeting as a group (either with or without me) at some point around the time that your outline is due in order to discuss your ideas, please let me know.

I strongly recommend discussing your ideas for your paper with me. Sample papers will be available on reserve at the library.