Readings are to be completed BY the day they are listed. The schedule listed here will be adhered to as closely as possible, but is subject to change. Should changes occur, you will be notified.

SA = Aronson, The Social Animal
RP = Reading packet Selections are listed by author name. Please note articles in the packet are in alphabetical order by author, not in the order we will read them.

Date New Reading What's Due?
Wk 1 Mon April 1 (first class, no reading) Make sure you have an email account and a Blackboard account
Wed April 3 Syllabus
SA Ch 1 - What is Social Psychology?
SA Ch 9 - Social Psychology as a Science

Optional: Ellyson & Halberstadt "On Reading the Research Literature" and/or Jordan & Zanna "How to Read a Journal Article in Social Psychology" (on reserve, Knight Library)

Wk 2 Mon April 8 SA Chapter 2 - Conformity

Wed April 10 RP Darley & Batson
RP Isen & Levin

Wk 3 Mon April 15 RP Milgram
RP Neto
Wed April 17 Quiz 1
SA Chapter 3 - Mass Communication, Propaganda, and Persuasion
Wk 4 Mon April 22

RP Han & Shavitt Paper 1 due for editing

Wed April 24 SA Chapter 4 - Social Cognition Edited Paper 1 returned
Final version Paper 1 due by 4 pm FRIDAY April 26

Wk 5 Mon April 29 RP Miller
RP Dutton & Aron

Term paper proposal due
Wed May 1 Quiz 2
SA Chapter 5 - Self-Justification

Wk 6 Mon May 6 RP Wilson et al.
RP Baldwin, Carrell, & Lopez

Paper 2 due for editing
Wed May 8 SA Chapter 6 - Human Aggression
RP Bushman, Baumeister, & Stack
Edited Paper 2 returned
Final version Paper 2 due by 4 pm FRIDAY, May 10
Wk 7 Mon May 13 Quiz 3
SA Chapter 7 - Prejudice

Wed May 15 RP Fein & Spencer
RP Word, Zanna, & Cooper

Wk 8 Mon May 20 RP Shih, Pittinsky, & Ambady
optional: RP Aronson, Quinn, & Spencer

Term paper due for editing
Wed May 22 RP McRae, Bodenhausen, Milne, & Jettson
RP Phelps, O'Connor, Cunningham, Funayama, Gatenby, Gore & Banaji
Edited term paper returned
Final Version of term paper due by 4 pm FRIDAY May 24
Wk 9 Mon May 27

Memorial Day - NO CLASS
Weds May 29 Quiz 4
SA Chapter 8 - Liking, Loving and Interpersonal Sensitivity

Wk 10 Mon June 3 RP Buss
RP Pennebaker
RP Harris

Wed June 5 RP Abbey, Zawacki, & McAuslan
RP Klein & Hodges

Wed Jun 12 Final Exam: 3:15

You must take the final to pass the course