Samantha King, Graduate Teaching Fellow
Department of Anthropology
University of Oregon
1321 Kincaid St.
Eugene, Oregon 97403






Office Location…

366C Condon Hall 

Access my office hours for the current term


Please email me in advance if you plan to come to my office hours. If you cannot come to my office hours due to a scheduling conflict, I will be happy to arrange an alternative time for us to talk.



My office is inside the Anthropology Graduate Student Lounge (labeled 365-366), located in the southwest corner of Condon Hall on the third floor.


Once inside the lounge, turn right, walk past the mailboxes and walk towards the windows. Turn left between the rows of cubicles, and proceed to the very end of the hallway. My office is on the right side at the end of the hall – you will see my name on the door.