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Supernova = Educational Entertainment

Supernova is a student-led program jointly supported by First-Year Programs and University Housing. The goal is to get undergraduates enthused and engaged in research at the University of Oregon. In addition, Supernova seeks to expose other issues that face the community at large. It will connect students with faculty and staff by sharing the generated knowledge of original research. It will also inspire undergraduate students to begin formulating their own questions and the potential means to answer those questions via higher education.

A Brief History:

The program was created during the 2005-2006 academic year. Former FA, Trevor Atkins, wanted to find a way to help undergraduate students connect with research opportunities on campus and learn what faculty do besides teach. Inspired by shows like Nova, he decided to create a program billed as “educational entertainment.” Out of this idea, the SuperNova concept was born. The first Supernova event took place in Spring term ’06 in the Knight Library’s Special Collections. The 2006-2007 year really launched the program into full gear.

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