All College and High School Teachers* of

Introductory Physics are Invited to Attend


Research-Based Active Learning in Introductory Physics

NEW: Including RealTime Physics 3rd Edition, Clicker Interactive Lecture Demos and Video Analysis


Chautauqua Short Course June 15-17, 2014, Portland, OR

Priscilla Laws    Dickinson College

David Sokoloff   University of Oregon

Ronald Thornton   Tufts University


This hands-on course is designed for those interested in making learning in their introductory course more active either within a traditional course structure  (lectures, labs, and recitation hours), or by re-structuring their course (e.g., into a workshop or studio course).

Participants will be introduced to physics education research-validated strategies for each component of the introductory course such as Interactive Lecture Demonstration (ILDs), RealTime Physics (RTP) labs, Activity Based Tutorials, Collaborative Problem-Solving Tutorials, Workshop Physics, and Physics with Video Analysis, along with strategies for analytic mathematical modeling. Some recent developments include the new electricity and magnetism labs in the 3rd Ed. of RTP, and ILDs using personal response systems (clickers) and interactive video analysis. The tools and software accompanying these active learning strategies are available for both Macintosh and Windows computers.

Results of studies on the effectiveness of these curricula will also be discussed. Participants will receive complimentary copies of the active learning curricula, along with Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite, a comprehensive book by E.F. Redish (University of Maryland) on strategies for implementing physics education research-based curricula. (The curricula are also available in the High School E-dition—a more convenient and economical form for high school use.) Physics topics will be chosen from both semesters of the introductory physics course.


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