LivePhoto Physics: Video-Based Motion Analysis for Homework and Classroom

Robert B. Teese, Priscilla W. Laws, Aaron Titus and Maxine Willis

Half-day workshop (#W08) Saturday, July 13, 2013, 8:00 AM-NOON, American Assoc. of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting, Portland, OR.

This workshop is for physics teachers who wish to explore the use of video-based motion analysis in a wide range of applications including the teaching laboratory, projects and homework. Participants will learn how to make digital video clips for analysis, as well as how to use video analysis for homework problems and in the classroom. We will discuss educationally effective uses of video analysis being developed in the LivePhoto Physics project, the Workshop Physics project and in other settings. The software used in this workshop is available for both Mac and Windows computers. Participants in this workshop may find that some prior, hands-on experience with basic video analysis using software such as Logger Pro or Tracker will be helpful but is not required. For more information contact Maxine Willis, Associate Fellow, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Dickinson College,


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