Running Jet version 3.4

Compile jet3_4.f together with jetsubs3_4.f. (This produces d sigma / d E_T. If you want d sigma / d M_JJ d y* then you should use jjy3_4.f together with jetsubs3_4.f.) Make sure you have a parton distribution table such as cteq3m.ptn in the same directory as the program. (See A Potpourri of Partons.) Run the program.


The program asks for a number of parameters. These are mostly self-explanatory. The choices of renormalization and factorization scales (mu_uv and mu_co) are to be specified in units of the jet transverse energy, denoted by PJ in the program). The program asks how many thousands of Monte Carlo points (or rather ``Reno'' points) you want. The more the better if you want small statistical errors. But of course, ``more'' takes longer. Probably about 1000 thousand is enough. The minimum is 2 thousand. If you want to see if you have everything set up correctly, it is useful to choose `b' for a Born only calculation and then 2 thousand Reno points.

Here is an example:

lepton% jet3_4
  Give RTS,R
  Write f for full calculation, b for Born only
  Give PJ grid: PJmin, PJmax, Number of points
  Give ABS(YJ) cuts: YJmin, YJmax
  Give file name of parton distribution data.
  (Limit is 20 characters.)
  (Typical example: cteq3m.ptn)
  Give scale choices: mu_uv / PJ and mu_co / PJ
  Give SEED ( 0 <= SEED < 259200)
  Give number of thousands of RENO points

Davison E. Soper, Institute of Theoretical Science, University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403 USA