Northwest Terascale Research Projects: Emerging opportunities for the International Linear Collider

Topics to be discussed

The International Linear Collider has the potential to explore in depth the physics of the 0.5 TeV to 1 TeV energy scale. We can expect that discoveries in the next few years at the Large Hadron Collider and at non-accelerator experiments looking for dark matter will provide indications of what new physics phenomena exist at this scale. This workshop seeks to explore the connections between what may be discovered in the near term and what the ILC can uniquely contribute in the determination of the new underlying theory. In addition, the workshop will explore how linear collider experiments might be useful for testing predictions from recently developed calculational methods in the standard model. Some of the specific topics to be discussed during the workshop include: Physics plenary sessions have been scheduled at the Linear Collider Workshop of the Americas on the afternoons of 19 and 22 March. We hope to be able to present results from the Terascale workshop in this larger venue.


Last updated 21 December 2010

Davison E. Soper
Institute of Theoretical Science
University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403 USA