Northwest Terascale Research Projects: Interpreting emerging Higgs data

Topics to be discussed

We have entered an extremely exciting time in Higgs physics. As reported on 13 December, ATLAS and CMS are have reached exclusion for a wide range of Higgs masses in the Standard Model. Given the over 5 fb-1 recorded per experiment, we expect many further analyses of Higgs physics, both within and beyond the Standard Model, will appear within the coming months and be public by the time of the Moriond conferences in mid-March 2012.

For this reason, we are planning to bring together both experimentalists and theorists with expertise in Higgs physics to critically analyze where we are in light of the 5 fb-1 experimental results. The evidence so far suggests that the Higgs boson may be present in the data at a mass of around 125 GeV, but, of course, we do not know yet what the further results will be. This could well be a workshop dedicated to discussing the implications of strong evidence for one (or more) Higgs boson(s) when all of the channels are combined. Or, it could be a workshop understanding what the evidence from the examined channels means for the remaining of the Standard Model parameter space, and perhaps more interestingly, for the beyond-the-SM Higgs physics parameter space.

Our intention is to bring together a small number of experts, 15-20 outside participants, as well as 5-10 "locals" from UO and UW.


Last updated 16 December 2011

Davison E. Soper
Institute of Theoretical Science
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