Northwest Terascale Research Projects: Using jet substructure

Topics to be discussed

There has been substantial continuing progress in recognizing signals for new physics in hadron collider events against the background of standard model events by looking at substructure of jets. Among the methods and variables that have proven useful are jet filtering, trimming, pruning, N-subjettiness, energy flow templates, Q-jets, the Johns Hopkins and HEP top jet taggers, shower deconstruction, and combinations of different methods. The LHC experimental groups are actively working on applying these methods in searches.

The workshop will bring together a small number of theorists and experimentalists who are actively working in this field. Our aim is to assess progress and identify any difficulties while critically comparing methods. We also expect to examine avenues for future improvements based on what we have learned so far.

Our intention is to bring together a small number of experts, 15-20 outside participants, as well as 5-10 "locals" from UO and UW.


Last updated 4 December 2012

Davison E. Soper
Institute of Theoretical Science
University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403 USA