Northwest Terascale Research Projects: W + b quark physics at the LHC

Practical information

Participants are staying at the New Oregon Motel, on Franklin Boulevard across the street from the university. Here is a convient Google map. The New Oregon Motel is part of Best Western; there is another Best Western on the same street, so be sure to get the right one. You can use Google Maps street view to look at it, but they seem to have come by at about 5 am on a foggy morning. During the day in mid-September, it will be bright and sunny. (We are well known for rain, but it starts on October first.)

To get to the New Oregon Motel from the Eugene airport, there is a shared ride shuttle service, Omnishuttle, located inside the terminal in the baggage claim area; alternatively, you can take a taxi from the taxi area on the street just outside the baggage claim area. The taxi fare is about $25. The shuttle is $21.50.

The workshop is at the University of Oregon Physics Department, located in Willamette Hall on E. 13th Avenue between Agate Street and University Street on the UO campus. We will use the facilities of the Institute of Theoretical Science and of the Center for High Energy physics, both on the 4th floor of Willamette Hall. When you arrive, please head to the office of the Institute of Theoretical Science, in the north-east part of the building. There, you will find the ITS administrative assistant, Jan Blankenship, who can help you get started.

We start on Monday at 9:00 with getting started at the ITS office and coffee at the ITS conference room.


Last updated 12 September 2009

Davison E. Soper
Institute of Theoretical Science
University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403 USA