Northwest Terascale Research Projects: W + b quark physics at the LHC

Topics to be discussed

This workshop concerns the production at the LHC of a W or Z boson plus one or more b-quarks. (We can also discuss c-quarks.)

The motivation is that

  1. this is an important signature for new physics signals;
  2. standard model W+b production is an important background to the new physics signals;
  3. there is good theory on this;
  4. in fact, there are NLO theoretical tools and parton shower Monte Carlo tools for this and each has strength and weaknesses that we could try to understand;
  5. the reliability of the theory depends on how the sought signature is structured; with theorists and experimentalists present we can try to sort out the relative advantages of different experimental strategies;
  6. there is data from CDF and D0 that could inform our discussions;
  7. our discussions, in turn, might inform the analysis of the CDF and D0 data.
Here are some more detailed thoughts on these points, meant as starting points for discussion rather than as anything complete or authoritative.


Last updated 2 September 2009

Davison E. Soper
Institute of Theoretical Science
University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403 USA