Early Traditions of the Virgin Mary's Dormition (Dormitio Mariae)

By Prof. Stephen J. Shoemaker

Dept. of Religious Studies, University of Oregon


The Six Books Apocryphon (4th cent.) (pdf - ca. 2 MB)

(Ps.-)John the Theologian, The Dormition of the Holy Theotokos

(Ps.-)Melito of Sardis, The Passing of Blessed Mary

(Ps.-)Joseph of Arimathea, The Passing of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(Ps.-)Cyril of Jerusalem, Homily on the Dormition

(Ps.-)Evodius of Rome, Homily on the Dormition

Theodosius of Alexandria, Homily on the Dormition

John of Damascus, Homilies on the Dormition of the Virgin