Physics 202

Homework Assignments

We will be using a Web Based Homework system call Mastering Physics. You will submit all your homework answers via computer. Mastering Physics will give quick feedback to homework questions. You will be allowed 6 attempts to submit a correct answer to problems. THE DUE DATES ARE SET AND NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE GRADED. Due Dates vary and are listed in Mastering Physics. Note: the values in the homework problems on the web question will be different for each student. If you figure out how to solve the problem as a group, you will still have to calculate your values for your own answer.

The homework will help you keep pace with the course as long as you work the homework throughout week and not wait and try to attempt it the day it is due. The immediate feedback will let you know how well you are doing. If you get the wrong answer more than three times, then get help at one of the office hours or at the Physics Drop-In Center. (Also, As stated in the Introductory assignment, Mastering Physics will default to 3 Sig Figs unless it gives a statement that it wants something other than 3 sig figs.)

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