Recent Graduates


Damond Morris (PhD 2013), Dissertation Title: “Presenting Oregon: Formative Forces of the Oregon Unit of the Federal Theatre Project”

Kathy Thomas (PhD 2013)


Kimberly Bates (MA 2012), Thesis Title: “Clowns Ex Machina: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Gender and Clown”

Kato Buss (PhD 2012), Dissertation Title: “Cowboy Up: Evolution of the Frontier Hero in American Theater, 1872-1903″

Daniel Glen Carlgren (MFA 2012), Thesis Project: “Scenic and Projection Design for Batboy the Musical

Brian Cook (PhD 2012), Dissertation Title: “(In)famous Angel: The Cherub Company and the Problem of Definition”

Theresa Dudeck (PhD 2012), Dissertation Title: “Keith Johnstone’s Search for the Ideal Classroom: A Critical Biography”

Francesca Geiger (MFA 2012), Thesis Project: “Lighting Arthur Miller’s The Crucible: An Examination of the Design Process”

Christine Madzik (MA 2012), Thesis Title: “Sojourn Theatre Company: A Case Study in Community-Based Theatre”

Anie Smith (MFA 2012), Thesis Project: “A Costume Design for Batboy the Musical


Jarvis Jahner (MFA 2011), Thesis Project: “Scenic Design for Love’s Labours Lost

Jan Powell (PhD 2011), Dissertation Title: “Making Shakespeare: Editing and Publishing Shakespearean Text for Theatre Practitioners”

Jonathon Taylor (MFA 2011), Thesis Project: “Scenic Design for bobrauschenbergamerica

Bobby Vrtis (PhD 2011), Dissertation Title: “Theatre and Plague, Emotional Contagion and the Actor”


James Engberg (PhD 2010), Dissertation Title: “Fierce Flowers and Fragile Monsters: Grotesque Performance in the Contemporary United States of America”

Erica Milkovich (PhD 2010), Dissertation Title: “A History of Neo-Futurism”

Rachel Steck (PhD 2010), Dissertation Title: “Laughing Lesbians: Camp, Spectatorship and Citizenship”

Jennifer Thomas (PhD 2010), Dissertation Title: “Bryony Lavery: English Playwright as Feminist Adapter”


Chryss Allaback (PhD 2009), Dissertation Title: “Theatre of Jambands: Performance of Resistance”

Jacqueline Bruchman (MA 2009), Thesis Title: “Equals in the Revolution: The Legacy of Teatro de las Chicanas”

Melissa Hurt (PhD 2009), Dissertation Title: “Lessac’s Kinesensics: An Embodied Acting Practice via Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenal Body”

Meredith Ott (MA 2009), Thesis Title: “Child Actor Ethics: Children in Plays with Adult Themes”

Jef Petersen (MA 2009), Thesis Title: “Playful Conversations: A Study of Shared Dynamics between the Plays of Paula Vogel and Sarah Ruhl”

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