La Donna L. Forsgren

African American Theatre, Black Feminist Theories & Drama, Playwriting
Assistant Professor, PhD 2012
210 Villard Hall

Theatre History, Playwriting, Black Arts Movement, Black Feminist Drama.

Pedagogical Statement:
“I am dedicated to interactive learning and strive to cultivate “edutainment” (ie. educating through entertaining) both in and outside of the classroom in order to inspire students to explore performance as an important site of cultural intervention.”

Research Interests:
Black Arts Movement, Modern Black Liberation Movement, Black Feminist Drama, Performing Identities.

Awards and Accomplishments:
Consortium for Faculty Diversity at Liberal Arts Colleges Dissertation Fellowship, 2010; Western Oregon University Excellence in Theatre Arts Award, 2002; Western Oregon University Inspiration Award, 2002; Western Oregon University Diversity Achievement Scholarship, 1998-2002.

Militancy and Ministry: Revolutionary Conversion in Ben Caldwell’s Prayer Meeting and James Baldwin’s Blues for Mister Charlie.New England Theatre Journal (Nov. 2011)

Book Review of Urban Bush Women: Twenty Years of African American Dance Theater, Community Engagement, and Working It Out by Nadine George-Graves. Theatre Journal (May 2011)