Many other scholarships and tuition assistance programs are offered through the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Anna Boyd Reed Scholarship
Awarded each year to two new students (either freshman or transfers) at the end of the first year. Students must have above a 3.0 grade point average and demonstrate evidence of extra-curricular theatre activities. Award amount may vary from year to year.

Kenneth Olsen Scholarship
Awarded to students who demonstrate active involvement and interest in the field of theatre management. Those who might qualify include students who have developed skills in stage management and administration as well as those who have served as Pocket Playhouse officers, play selection committee members, or student representatives.

Starlin Fellowship
Sponsored by Emeritus Professor Glenn Starlin, this fellowship is awarded to outstanding graduate students in even-numbered years.

Alumni Scholarships
Students who combine excellent scholarship with outstanding production work are eligible. Awards vary each year based on contributions.

James Miller Internship Program
The James Miller Professional and Advanced Training Endowment provides funding to support graduate students who are accepted into internships with professional theatre companies or master classes or workshops, especially in New York City. Awarded by the faculty in response to applications.

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