Grading Standards

Theatre Arts Grading Standards

What follows is meant to help students understand departmental standards regarding the value of each letter grade. Faculty in Theatre Arts will have different procedures, scales, and references for how they grade, and different courses require different modes of evaluation, but the following reflects departmentally agreed meaning for each letter.

A = complete success in idea, exploration, expression, extraordinary work reflective of genuine investment, discovery, and critical thinking   – mastery

B = success in meeting most expectations of the assignment, good work reflective of sincere effort and basic comprehension – competence

C = some success in meeting minimum requirements only, poor organization, weak technical or group focus, half-rehearsed, lack of critical thinking – incoherence

D = significant lack of completion, ineptitude, disrespectful attitude towards others, failure to engage some minimum requirements, serious lapse of attention  – indigence

F = major failure to meet deadlines and basic commitments, extraordinary lack of discipline or focus, clear evidence of plagiarism, cheating, bullying  – negligence

NOTE: In the Department of Theatre Arts, a grade of A+ is rare. 100% with perfect attendance or total points or straight As across a term do not guarantee an A+ – instead, this grade is entirely a matter of subjective instructor evaluation above and beyond the excellence described for an A grade.