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Effective Assessment

When you hear the word assessment, what comes to mind? Neat rows of students, neatly filling in rows of Scantron bubbles, the results of which will be displayed numerically in the neat rows of an excel sheet then transferred to the columns of students’ transcripts. Often, this sort of assessment feels like an afterthought, something that happens once the learning is done. 

But assessment is so much more than this; you can use the assessment techniques detailed in these pages to more clearly define and describe the goals of your course, receive mid- term feedback that improves your teaching strategies, provide students with more experiential learning opportunities, and teach students to self- evaluate thereby increasing their independent learning skills. 

Our assessment resources are divided into three sections, Learning Goals and Objectives, Testing and Grading, and Using Student Feedback. Each section has both at-a-glance summaries of important concepts and best practices, as well as numerous resources for further exploration. We recommend you start with Learning Goals and Objectives. Once you've clarified what you'd like students to accomplish, designing effective assessment strategies is significantly easier.