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Vital Instructional Technology Resources

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Hundreds of organizations exist to explore the uses of and increase the quality of instructional technology in higher education. These are among the most widely recognized and referenced.

The Sloan Consortium
"The Sloan Consortium is an institutional and professional leadership organization dedicated to integrating online education into the mainstream of higher education, helping institutions and individual educators improve the quality, scale, and breadth of education. Membership in the Sloan Consortium provides knowledge, practice, community, and direction for educators. Originally funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Sloan-C is now a non-profit, member sustained organization."

A vital resource with material arranged by discipline and by educational issue. Content includes: evaluated case studies of teaching and learning in subject discipline areas; contact lists of staff interested in similar work; extracts of related published articles; commentary on case studies and articles contributed by readers; book reviews; annotated bibliographies; a forum for readers to develop ideas; links to related resources and relevant publishers.

EDUCAUSE focuses on the use of information resources in higher education. It maintains on-going advocacy and educational programs, regular conferences, an award series and several alliance relationships.

"The environmental scanning publication for education leaders," Horizon tasks itself with keeping educators informed about the changing nature of their work and prepared for changes as they occur. Offers a print version, an on-line version, a mailings lists, workshops, conferences and more.

The Scout Report
The Scout Report is the flagship publication of the Internet Scout Project. Published every Friday both on the Web and by email, it provides a fast, convenient way to stay informed of valuable resources on the Internet. Scout's team of professional librarians and subject matter experts select, research, and annotate each resource.