Call For Papers: Environmental Philosophy

Environmental Philosophy, the official journal of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy (IAEP), seeks essays on the topics of Environmental Restoration and Environmental Aesthetics for a special double-issue in Fall, 2007. Submissions may treat these topics individually or address connections between them.

The deadline for submissions for this special issue is 1 July 2007.

The journal also continues to accept submissions at any time in all areas of environmental philosophy, including:

  • Environmental Ethics and Aesthetics
  • Environmental Ontology and Theology
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Ecofeminism and Environmental Justice
  • Ecophenomenology

Environmental Philosophy welcomes a diversity of approaches to environmental issues, including the many schools of Continental Philosophy, the history of philosophy, and the tradition of American Philosophy. Please send essays of 6000-7000 words, shorter essays, book reviews of 800-1500 words, or brief “critical comments” on new books and articles.

Submissions should follow the Chicago Manual of Style and be sent by email (in Word or Rich Text format) to journal co-editors Kenneth Maly (maly.kenn@gmail.com) or Ted Toadvine (toadvine@uoregon.edu).

For more information about Environmental Philosophy or IAEP, please visit our website: www.environmentalphilosophy.org


updated 4/7/2007