The following is a list of known errors in Exploring Language Structure: A Student's Guide, first printing. This page will be updated as typos and other errors are discovered. Please contact me if you find an error in the text that is not mentioned here. Thanks for your patience.

p. 26, The word 'godugu' in the Telugu problem should be translated 'umbrella' rather than 'elephant.' In part C, change 'elephants' to 'umbrellas'. The pluralization strategy is the same in either case, but the translation that one word is wrong.

p. 43, example 19b. Second instance of 'field' should be 'fields'.

p. 53, example 35e. Gloss should be '3DL'.

p. 88. Exercise 3.6. Several deviations from consistent IPA transcription occur in this problem. Please click here for a more consistent version.

p. 91. Exercise 3.9: All the 'r' symbols in examples 28-30 should be the phonetic 'flap r' symbol found in the other words.

p. 92. Exercise 3.9: Eliminate "to run after" in question F.

View or download the revised Indonesian exercise (including some helpful hints) by clicking here.

p. 148. Exercise 5.6: Example 11. The 'dot' symbol after the accented 'a' should be the phonetic vowel-length character that appears in all the other words.

p. 150. Exercise 5.9, question D: Please change question D to: "Write any morphophonemic rule or rules needed to derive the surface forms from the underlying forms."

p. 150. Exercise 5.10. Example 23 should end in a glottal stop [?].

p. 183. Exercise 6.1, line b: Missing right labled bracket, ]w, before the final labled bracket, ]x.

p. 183. Exercise 6.1, line d: Missing right labled bracket, ]pp, before the last ]vp bracket.

p. 185. Exercise 6.5. Third rule should be "VP —› DP" instead of "VP —› NP".

p. 186. Exercise 6.7: There are several typographical errors in this exercise. Please use the corrected version, available here.

p. 193. V-Aux should be tabbed to the right to fit in the same column as O-V.

p. 205. Example 7. In the gloss line, eliminate "-3SG" after "bushmaster".

p. 262. Example 91. Gloss for "-ma" should be "1SG".

p. 263. Example 93. Gloss for "-ma" should be "1SG".

p. 287 Note 2. Standard Spanish spellings should be "Me caí," and "te caíste" instead of "Me cayí" and "te cayíste."

p.302, third bulleted item in the middle of the page. Remove superscript 1 following the bolded term "R-ELEMENT".

p.305, example (70)a. Change the highest node on the tree from "O" to "S". Change first phrasal category node from "FN" to "DP.'

p. 318. Nigerian Pidgin, example 2: Gloss "eat-it" should be aligned under "čop-am".

p. 330. Definition of "fusional" should be "A language which tends to express more than one meaning per morpheme is of the fusional morphological type (as opposed to agglutinative languages)."

p. 333. Definition of "Isolating" should be "A language in which words tend to have only one morpheme is of the isolating morphological type (as opposed to polysynthetic languages)."