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Undergraduate Council Members 2003 - 2004

The Undergraduate Council consists of 16 voting members (including elected faculty, chairs of curriculum and requirements committees, and students). In addition, there are ex officio, non voting members. All elected faculty members serve staggered, 3-year terms, and students serve 1-year terms.

Head of the Council:

Deborah Baumgold, CHAIR – CAS-Political Science

Elected Members:

Deborah Baumgold, CHAIR – CAS-Political Science
Deborah Exton – CAS-Chemistry
John Lysaker – CAS-Philosophy
Julie Newton – School of Journalism and Communication
Steven Pologe – School of Music
John Postlethwait – CAS-Biology
Kathy Roberts – College of Education
Ron Severson – Lundquist College of Business
Mark Thoma – CAS-Economics
Laura Vandenburgh – AAA-Art

Ex Officio Members:

Colleen Bell – Library
Herb Chereck – Registrar
Paul Engelking – Chair, UO Committee on Courses
Hilary Gerdes – Office of Academic Advising
Amalia Gladhart – Chair, CAS Curriculum Committee-Spring term
Dave Hubin – President’s Office
Jim Imamura – Chair, Scholastic Review Committee
Anne Leavitt – Vice President, Student Affairs
Martha Pitts – Asst. Vice President, Student Affairs; Director of Admissions
Gordon Sayre – Chair, Academic Requirements Committee
Karen Sprague – Vice Provost, Undergraduate Studies
Henry Wonham – Chair, CAS Curriculum Committee-Fall & Winter terms

Student Members:

Emily Gilkey
Tyler Neely