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UNdergraduate COuncil Members 2010–2011

The Undergraduate Council consists of 16 voting members (including elected faculty, chairs of curriculum and requirements committees, and students). In addition, there are ex officio, non voting members. Elected faculty members serve staggered 3-year terms, and students serve for a term of one year.

Head of Council

Ian McNeely CHAIR, CAS History

Elected Members

Susan Anderson CAS Germanic Languages
Ron Bramhall LCB Management
Kathie Carpenter CAS International Studies
Amy Goeser Kolb MUS
Dean Livelybrooks CAS Physics
Karen McLaughlin ED Special Education and Clinical Sciences
Ron Severson (fall) LCB Management
Josh Snodgrass CAS Anthropology
James Tice AAA Architecture
Thomas Wheeler SOJC

Ex Officio Members

Andrew Bonamici Libraries
Sue Eveland Office of the Registrar
Dave Hubin Office of the President
Jennifer Joslin Office of Academic Advising
Karen Sprague Undergraduate Studies

Academic Committee Chairs and Representatives

Judith Baskin Representative – CAS Curriculum Committee, CAS Humanities, Judaic Studies
Julie Hessler Representative – CAS Curriculum Committee, CAS History
Paul Engelking Chair – Committee on Courses, CAS Chemistry
Elizabeth Reis Chair – Scholastic Review Committee, CAS Women and Gender Studies
Gail Unruh (winter, spring) Chair – Academics Requirements Committee, Teaching and Learning Center

Student Members

Eric Carlson
Jordynn Didlick (fall)
Drew Terhune
Matt Villeneuve