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Graduation & Commencement


The culmination of a student's academic career when the Office of the Registrar verifies that a student has satisfactorily completed all required academic courses, both in the General Education curriculum and in an academic specialization, has met all financial obligations to the University, and is eligible to be awarded a degree from the University of Oregon.

Meetings where this topic was discussed:

November 29, 2001




The public ceremony celebrating the bestowal of degrees upon graduating students by the University of Oregon.

Council Actions:

April 13, 2005 "Y" as Symbol for Designating "No Basis for Grade" Retained

Jamuary 6, 2005 The Practice of Units, Regarding Grade Distribution and Feedback

January 6, 2005 Request for Grade Distribution Data

September 24, 2004 Proposal to Change Policy Regarding "Incomplete"

Meetings where this topic was discussed:

February 4, 2002

January 22, 2002