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The Effect of a Core Stabilization Intervention on Movement Screen Scores in Collegiate Football Players

Emily Ambrose MS, ATC & Luke Montgomery MA, ATC

The efficacy of movement screens in the early identification and correction of movement dysfunctions has gained clinical interest, but has not been thoroughly investigated.

To examine the effect of traditional core stability and Pilates reformer exercises on movement screen scores.

57 collegiate football players completed baseline movement screens and were divided into 3 equal groups. The Pilates and core stability groups were given exercises to perform over a 6-week period, while control subjects received no intervention.

26 subjects completed follow-up screens: Pilates (N=6), core stability (N=12), and control group (N=8). Intervention programs did not produce detectable changes in mean movement screen scores (P>.05).

While statistically insignificant, core stability training may be clinically significant in that a 1.5 point improvement in mean score was observed in both intervention groups. This study supports further investigation of core stability interventions as a means to improve movement screen performance.