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Evaluating the Inter-/Intra-rater Reliability of a Functional Movement Assessment

Ashley Lammers MS, ATC

Functional movement assessments evaluate movement dysfunctions in specific movement patterns. The purpose of this study was to determine the inter-/intra-rater reliability of the scoring system for a movement assessment in 16 certified athletic trainers. Subjects independently scored each patient’s video-recorded movement screen on a four-point scale during occasions separated by 14 days. No individual movement, nor the total score, produced sufficient inter-rater reliability [Range: r=0.50-0.69]. Subjects with two years of scoring experience had higher inter-rater reliability than those with less experience specifically when examining the single-leg squat (P<0.05) and total score categories (P<0.05). All but four subjects produced sufficient intra-rater reliability, and the intra-rater reliability mean of means for subjects with two years of experience was greater than in subjects with one year of experience (P<0.05). We concluded that the same clinician should score each athlete’s subsequent movement assessments until clinicians complete a g