The following motion was passed by the UO Senate 12 November 1997:

US97/98-7 Amend the University Senate Bylaws Article VI, Section 6.3 6.3.1 The Interinstitutional Faculty Senate was created by the State Board of Higher Education in 1970. The University of Oregon has three seats on the IFS, plus one alternate, and the senate is solely responsible for the election of the UO Interinstitutional Faculty Senators. 6.3.2 The three representatives and one alternate from the University of Oregon to the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate shall be elected by the University Senate from the university voting faculty as a whole. The three IFS senators serve staggered terms of three years with an expiration of December 31. The alternate shall serve a one-year term, which may be renewed. When electing an IFS representative, the senate shall ensure that at least one of the three IFS representatives is a current member of the senate or has previous senate experience.

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