Nov. 3, 2006


UO Senate Non Tenure Track Faculty (NTTF) Committee Meeting with Russ Tomlin                    

Present: Daniel Pope, Michele Henney, Ali Emami, Harinder Kaur Hennesy, Alan Dickman, Phil Cullum.

Absent: Gloria Zabala, Yelaina Kripkov, Amy Goeser-Kolb, Laurie Neighbors


1. Russ Tomlin convened the first meeting as Ex Officio and gave a report on the history and progress of the NTTF Committee in collaboration with the Academic Affairs Implementation Committee. (For more information on the history and charges of  the UO Senate NTTF Committee please visit:


  1. NTTF is a faculty initiated committee to gather data and propose recommendations to the UO decision makers. Initially it was called Non Tenure Track Instructional Faculty (NTTIF) Committee not including the representation of non-tenure track research faculty. …


  1. Russ Tomlin started serving as a liaison to NTTF working with deans and faculty on a variety of issues that are being implemented currently including:
    1. making NTTF appointments more transparent and consistent.
    2. bringing consistency to evaluation and promotion processes and procedures
    3. stating clear delineations between  career driven and temporary appointments
    4. defining title and rank clearly
  2. Other issues and progress concerning NTTF from Tomlin’s perspective are:
    1. access to emeritus status
    2. clarification of formal standing, i.e. what is NTTF allowed to do such as voting UO Senate, etc.
    3. appropriate access to different kinds opportunities for professional development (grants, sabbaticals, etc.) (Note: NTTF can have a sabbatical leave, if the department can afford it)
    4. building a NTTF website (the content is ready for this and the site will hopefully be available at the beginning of Winter 2007)
    5. Clarifying different departments expectations for NTTF
    6. workshops for NTTF
    7. updating evaluations and promotions.


2. The committee appointed Harinder Kaur Hennesy as the Chair and requested that Joan Malmud continue her service as a liaison to the Academic Affairs Implementation Committee.


3. There is also a NTTF Blackboard site where you can have access to by sending an e-mail to Rick Troxel ( This site has useful information although it has not been updated since Jan 2006.


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