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Mr. John Nicols, chair of the Faculty Advisory Council, submitted the following report to the University Assembly. Faculty who served on the FAC for the 1993-94 Academic Year are Mr. John Nicols, Chair; Ms. Laura Alpert; Ms. Anne Leavitt; Mr. John Reynolds; Ms. Louise Westling; Ms. Sarah Douglas; Mr. Laird Kirkpatrick; and Ms. Kathleen Nicholson.

During the current academic year the Faculty Advisory Council met at least every other week.

The president made a number of presentations to the council. Among the topics covered were the following:

1. President Brand outlined the administration's position on a number of important issues facing the university in its dealings with the legislature, the governor and the chancellor's office.

2. President Brand also updated the council on a number of internal issues including progress of the BARC/ARC Committee, the fiscal status of the university, progress on productivity, etc.

At the request of the president, the FAC was expressly requested to review the state of faculty governance and to make some suggestions as to how it might be improved.

This task especially consumed about 75 percent of our meeting time. The council consulted with past presidents of the University Senate and with chairs of the Committee on Committees, reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of all elements of faculty governance from the workings of the senate to the definition of the voting faculty. The results of this study took the form of a tentative model for the reform of the system of governance. The model was presented to the University Senate at two sessions and then to the University Assembly at the May meeting. At that time the University Assembly voted to create a committee to write specific legislation for reform. At the moment, the new chair of the FAC, Sarah Douglas, is putting this committee together.
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