Faculty Advisory Council Report 2000/1
Faculty Advisory Council. The Faculty Advisory Council met weekly with President Frohnmayer, Provost John Moseley and Senior Vice Provost Lorraine Davis. The council took on an advisory role for issues of urgency and sustained discussion for issues of concern to the faculty and larger community. The council began the year with discussions on the Bend Campus and the university's larger role. This mission was less than successful but is viewed as an occasion for reflection regarding the UO's mission of providing a liberal arts education. The winter and spring terms' focus included salary issues, health benefits, administrative reorganization, and the Worker's Right Consortium. Progress was made on all of these issues. Diversity also took hold in numerous discussions with reference to the campus as a whole. The focus included the importance that the UO coordinate programs effectively and articulate long term visions for diversity. Diversity will remain an agenda item for the upcoming years.

Membership 2000/1 FAC

    1.Virginia Cartwright (Architecture) email:vcart@darkwing.uoregon.edu (541) 346-0863
    2.Larry Dann (Lundquist College of Business) email:  ldann@oregon.uoregon.edu (541) 346-3330
    3.James Earl (English) senate president email:  jwearl@oregon.uoregon.edu (541) 346-3960
    4.Caroline Forell (Law) [cochair] email: cforell@law.uoregon.edu (541) 346-3864
    5.Peter Gilkey (Mathematics) email:gilkey@darkwing.uoregon.edu (541) 346-4717
    6.Elaine Jones (Education) email: ejones@oregon.uoregon.edu (541) 346-2581
    7.Ed Kame'enui (Education) email:  ekamee@oregon.uoregon.edu  (541)  346-1644
    8.James Mohr (History) email: jmohr@oregon.uoregon.edu  (541) 346-5903
    9.Sandra Morgen (Sociology) email: smorgen@oregon.uoregon.edu (541) 346-5524
   10.Rachele Raia (Administrative Director CAS) email:  raraia@oregon.uoregon.edu  (541) 346-3285
   11.Cheyney Ryan (Philosophy) [cochair] email:cryan@darkwing.uoregon.edu (541) 346-5553
   12.Dave Frohnmayer email: pres@oregon.uoregon.edu (541) 346-3036
   13.John Moseley email: provost@oregon.uoregon.edu (541) 346-3186
   14.Lorraine Davis email: lgd@oregon.uoregon.edu (541) 346-2041

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