Letters to Senate President James Earl 2000/2001

  1. Open letter to the University Community from Prof. Richard Sundt: ``On the Mission Statement of Intercollegiate Athletics: Problems, Challenges and Opportunities, and the Case for an Education-based Approach to Athletic Reform'' (received 2 February 2001)
  2. Letter from Prof. Richard Sundt concerning `` Sports and Interference with Finals Preparation and Exams: A Call to Action'' (received 2 February 2001)
  3. Letter from Prof. Richard Sundt to the UO Senate concerning some possible motions regarding athletics. (received 2 February 2001)
If you wish to submit a letter for posting on this page, please send the letter Senate President James Earl jwearl@oregon.uoregon.edu with a copy to Secretary of the Senate Gwen Steigelman gwens@oregon.uoregon.edu

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