7 June 2002

To: Greg McLauchlan, University Senate President 2002-03

From: Daniel Pope, Convener, Charles E. Johnson Memorial Award committee

Annual Committee Report

The Charles E. Johnson Memorial Award committee solicited nominations for the award in late January and convened in mid-March. At that point, the committee decided to solicit more information about the nominees and reconvene in April. Additional letters were requested and received. When the committee met again, it selected Professor Gregory McLauchlan to recommend to President Frohnmayer for the Johnson Award.

This year, as in the past, there have been very few nominations. We recommend that next yearıs committee consider ways to stimulate nominations of deserving candidates and to encourage nominators and supporters to provide more detailed information about how nominees fit the criteria of the award.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Pope (convener) for the committee

Members: Henry Alley Larry Dann (ex officio) Judith Eisen Paul Frishkoff Gwen Steigelman (ex officio)

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