Letters, Email, and other documents and links

UO Senate 2002-2003

Senate President: Greg McLauchlan (Sociology) (541)-346-5028 gmclauch@oregon.uoregon.edu
Senate Vice President: Lowell Bowditch (Classics) (541) 346-4306 bowditch@oregon.uoregon.edu
Senate Secretary: Gwen Steigelman (Academic Affairs) (541) 346-3028 gwens@oregon.uoregon.edu
  1. Information about Pebb as of 9 June 2002
  2. Information on the Multi-Cultural Requirement  as if 25 June 2002
  3. Letter from R. Sundt concerning Athletics 8 August 2002
  4. September 2002 Faculty Leadership Caucus: Synthesis and Action Points
  5. Information about the role of Faculty in Athletics (in Athletic Management, 14.3, April/May 2002)
  6. Home Page of the UO Presidential task force on athletics.
  7. Information concerning elections related to addition of classified staff participants in the University Senate
  8. MAKING A DIFFERENCE Strategic Directions For the University of Oregon. Posted 6 November 2002
  9. A new partnership with Oregon - an Oregon University System Plan for Higher Education
  10. Letter from Bob Eno regarding Intercollegiate Athletics 11 November 02
  11. University of Oregon Senate Recommendations for UO Comprehensive Campaign (December 2002)
  12. Email from Professor Frank Stahl and associated documents requested to be posted.
  13. Event Advisory: UO faculty, students sponsor forum on Iraq. (January 2003)
  14. Letter from President Frohnmayer to the University Community 8 January 2003
  15. Report from the  Task Force on Intercollegiate Athletics to the UO Senate regarding Student-Athlete Welfare at the University of Oregon 15 Februrary 2003
  16. Materials from Professor Frank Stahl 17 March 03

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