UO Senate 2002-2003

Senate President: Greg McLauchlan (Sociology) (541)-346-5028 gmclauch@oregon.uoregon.edu
Senate Vice President: Lowell Bowditch (Classics) (541) 346-4306 bowditch@oregon.uoregon.edu
Senate Secretary: Gwen Steigelman (Academic Affairs) (541) 346-3028 gwens@oregon.uoregon.edu
  1. Senate Budget Committee Report (received 5 May 2003) and accompanying salary comparison table.
  2. Johnson Committee Report  (received 7 May 2003).
  3. Non Tenure Track Instructional Faculty Report (received 14 May 2003)
  4. Yearly Report from the Foreign Study Programs Committee (FSPC) and proposed revised Charge
  5. Yearly Report from the Scholastic Review Committee
  6. Yearly Reportof the Faculty Personnel Committee
  7. Yearly Report of the University Scholarship Committee
  8. Yearly Report of the Environmental Issues Committee
  9. Yearly Report of the Academic Requirements Committee
  10. Yearly Report of the Committee on Child Care and Family Support
  11. Report of the Senate Ad Hoc Vision Committee
  12. Yearly Report of the Traffic Appeals Board
  13. Yearly Report of the University Library Committee

Archival Information:

Reports for 2001/2, for 2000/1, for 1999/0

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