Report of the EIC for Academic 2003/2004

The Environmental Issues Committee met monthly during the academic year and addressed the topics listed below.  Detailed minutes of the meetings can be viewed at the Environmental Issues Committee website at

Committee charge

Reviewed the official charge of the committee.

Agenda for year

Reviewed carry over items from last year and new suggestions in order to set committee agenda for year.

Environmental literacy requirement

Advised and supported the ASUO environmental coordinator with his proposal for curriculum requirement.  Encouraged him to find academic department sponsorship for the requirement.


The committee was concerned that design went through the estalished University process to assure compliance with sustainability requirements.  Project cancelled before letter written.

Governor’s Executive Sustainability Order

A subcommittee of the EIC met with the consultant working on OUS’ sustainability plan, to understand the proposed plan and give feedback.

Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Living (CASL)

Received updates on the status of this student initiated project, supported by a subcommittee of EIC the previous year.

Environmental Studies Service Learning Program

Many members of the committee attended a presentation by students in the Environmental Studies Service learning program.  They reviewed and gave feedback on a slide show to be presented to the campus community on energy conservation on campus.

Problems of vinyl in the environment

Listened to presentation to the committee by Oregon Toxic Alliance, on problems with the use of vinyl. 

National Campus Sustainability day

Members of the committee attended a live telecast on sustainability and higher education, and discussed the telecast during a committee meeting.

Daily Emerald advertising

Sponsored ads in the Daily Emerald advocating recycling, energy conservation and alternative transportation.

University Comprehensive Environmental Policy Review

Fulfilled the requirement of the Environmental Policy to review and recommend updates.  Although this is required biannually this is the first time that the review has been done.  The committee found the policy basically sound and recommended only a few changes to language.

The committee is currently reviewing the policy to evaluate the success of its implementation.  This review is hampered by lack of information on current conditions and lack of bench marks and critical indicators to compare with conditions before the policy.

Campus Clean Energy Project

Listened to presentation to the committee by students promoting purchase of wind power for campus.  Encouraged them to contact other student groups working on similar issues, and to focus on energy conservation first.

Fund-raising to support a sustainable campus

Met with University Vice President for Advancement to discuss fund-raising in relation to the importance of a sustainable campus. 

Earth day

Displayed information on the committee, sustainability on UO campus, and transportation options.  Led a tour of sustainable aspects on campus.



The committee will be making the following recommendations, and perhaps some additional ones when it reports to the Vice-President for Administration at the conclusion of the academic year:

Follow through on last year’s recommendations. 

Recycled Paper Policy Amendments

Wood Products Purchasing Policy

Staffing and Support for committee.

It is important for the function of the committee that members have available to them information with which to evaluate issues within their charge. This was particularly evident in the attempt to evaluate how well the environment policy is being implemented, and applies to other issues as well.  We are encouraged by the recent dedication of a part-time position within Environmental Health and Safety, and recommend that this position be continued and expanded.


Adopt updates to the Comprehensive Environmental Policy 

The committee has forwarded to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety recommendations for minor updates of the Environmental Policy.