Resolution US03/04-1 regarding the siting process for the University basketball and events arena

Proposed by: Mike Russo, LCB -- Management

For action at: November 12 2003 University Senate meeting

Whereas a location for a basketball and events arena and associated facilities has been chosen by the University, and

Whereas this siting process operated outside of usual and customary campus planning procedures, and

Whereas University of Oregon Policy Statement 7.000 (Foundation Practices and Procedures) requires review of such projects by the Campus Planning Committee

Be It Resolved that, the University of Oregon University Senate

Hereby expresses its strong opposition to the siting process for the arena and associated facilities that has taken place to date, and

Hereby urges and expects the University administration to submit its proposal to the Campus Planning Committee for review, and to follow other established campus planning procedures for the siting of the arena and associated facilities.

See also Memo to Carole Dayl (Chair CPC) from Dave Frohnmayer November 10 2003 dealing with Arena Project - campus planning committee responsibilities. There is a further explaination of the arena project planning process outside of UO Policy 7.000 Foundation Practices and Procedures
See also Charge to Campus Planning Committee
This is a revised version received 5 November 2003 (title changed 7 November 2003) -- if you need to view the previous versions they can be found at and at
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