Letters and Emails sent to the Senate 2003-4

  1. Letter from Frank Stahl 24 September 2003
  2. Interim Report - Evaluation of 7 sites 29 Sept 2003
  3. Letter by Mike Russo to Register Guard (Guest Viewpoint: UO arena project too big for Howe Field site). [archival copy
  4. Email dated 2 October 2003 From Richard Sundt regarding AGENDA FOR STRENGTHING ACADEMICS AT THE UNIVERSTIY OF OREGON
  5. Memo to Carole Dayl (Chair CPC) from Dave Frohnmayer November 10 2003 dealing with Arena Project - campus planning committee responsibilities. There is a further explaination of the arena project planning process outside of UO Policy 7.000 Foundation Practices and Procedures. This is related to the debate on US034-1
  6. Email dated 21 October 2003 from Dr. Stahl to Randy Geller (Director of Policy and Legal Affairs) -- relates to debate on US034-5.
  7. Email dated 7 November 2003 from Randy Geller (Director of Policy and Legal Affairs) to Dr. Stahl -- relates to debate on US034-5.
  8. Athletic Department Mission Statement Relates to debate on US034-3
  9. Letter Dated 14 January 2004 presented to the January meeting of the UO Senate dealing with budgetary matters.
  10. Documents relating to ORP
    1. Basic ORP web page of the IFS
    2. Memo to Richard Jarvis from Mark Nelson regarding ORP dated 15 January 2004
    3. PDF file of letter from Tomas K Doyl (Bennett, Hartman, Morris, and Kaplan) to Bill Linden (AOF) dated 13 January 2004 regarding ORP
    4. Letter to Richard Jarvis dated 16 January 2004 from Thomas K Doyl concerning ORP (see also PDF format).
    5. Response to Mark Nelson from Lisa Zavala (OUS) to above correspondence
    6. Brief filed by Greg Hartman's firm in appeal of the Lipscome decision in Eugene vs. PERS Board Document furnished by AOF.
    7. see also AOF web page for related documents.
  11. Letter from G. Stark concerning Panel Discussion. See also http://www.columbiachinese.org for raw data regarding the situation Chinese students and scholars face in attending Universities in the USA
  12. Final Report Athletic Task Force 11 May 2004
  13. Remarks by Senate President Bowditch to the UO Senate 26 May 2004.

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