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Elected Faculty Committees 2004/5

Officers of Administration Council : The Officers of Administration Council serves as a liaison to central administration through the Vice President for Administration and facilitates communication, information sharing, and collegiality among OAs. The OA Council is one of approximately forty standing academic and administrative committees on the University of Oregon campus. Council members meet once each month

Faculty and Administrative Committees for 2004/5

  • Academic Requirements -- Amalia Gladhart (Chair)
  • Campus Planning -- Carole Daly (Chair)
  • Child Care & Family Support -- Karen Logvin (Convenor)
  • Classified staff training and development
  • Committee on Courses -- Herb Chereck (Convenor)
  • Distinguished Service Award and Honary Degree -- Dave Hubin (Chair)
  • Distinguished Teaching Award -- Lorraine Davis (Convenor)
  • Environmental Issues  -- Ben Farrell (Chair)
  • Foreign Study Programs -- Robert Haskett (Convenor)
  • Johnson Memorial Award -- Gwen Steigelman (Convenor)
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Concerns -- Chicora Martin (Convenor)
  • Library -- Deborah Carver (Convenor)
  • NTTIF Committee (Nontenure-track Instructional Faculty) -- Kassia Dellabough (Convenor)
  • Off-Campus Scholarships and Grants -- Henry Wonham (Convenor)
  • Physical Access Committee
  • Protection of Human Subjects/Institutional Review Board
  • ROTC Advisory -- Ltc. William Fox (Convenor)
  • Safety Advisory Committee
  • Terms  Expire 2005: Ernie Pressman, Human Resources; Don McIntre, Housing; Avis Thompson, Science Library (Classified rep); Marjorie Biehler, International Programs [OA Rep]; Johnny Earl, Facilities (Classified rep); Dana Winitzky, EMU; Jade Maria Santana, Student; Bob Beals, Athletics.
  • Ex Officio: Kay Coots, Michelle Gillette, Tom Hicks, Mark Maguire, , Steve Pelkey.
  • Scholarships  -- Michelle Holdway (Convenor)
  • Scholastic Review -- Shelly Kerr (chair)
  • Status of Women -- Penelope Daugherty (Convenor)
  • Student Conduct -- Chris Loschiavo (Convenor)
  • Student Conduct Hearings Board -- Chris Loschiavo (Convenor)
  • Student-Faculty Committee on Grievances -- Russ Tomlin (Convenor)
  • Student Health Advisory -- Tom Ryan (Convenor)
  • Summer Research Awards -- Moira Kiltie  (Chair)
  • Technology Transfer -- Don Gerhart (Convenor)
  • Tenure Reduction, Retirement, Emeriti -- Lorraine Davis (Convenor)
  • Traffic Appeals Board -- Ruth South (Convenor)
  • University Appeals Board -- Chris Loschiavo (Convenor)
  • Emerald Board of Directors:
  • EMU Board of Directors:
  • Family Housing Board:

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