University Scholarship Committee

Final Report to University Senate May 2006



Charge of General University Scholarship Committee:

The Committee on Scholarships shall be responsible to advise the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships on policy and procedures for the awarding of scholarships, and to participate in the review of applications and the selection of candidates for scholarships. The committee shall determine the criteria for the awarding of scholarships and shall review applicant files. The committee shall also determine successful applicants and level of aid.




Dare Baldwin (Psychology), Stephanie Bosnyk (Business), Jason Davis (UO Foundation), Scott DeLancey (Linguistics), Jim Gilmour (Student Financial Aid & Scholarships), Emilio Hernandez (Institutional Equity and Diversity), Michelle Holdway, Convener (Student Financial Aid & Scholarships), Virginia Lo (Computer Science), Scott Maier (Journalism), Martha Pitts (Admissions and Enrollment Management), Alexander Polishchuk (Math), Forest Pyle (English), Barbara Roy, Chair (Biology), Donna Schimmer, Committee Assistant (Student Financial Aid & Scholarships), Carlyn Schreck (Development), Jean Stockard (PPPM), Gail Unruh (Academic Learning Services), Steve Vacchi (Music), Cari Vanderkar (International Programs), Glen Waddell (Economics).


2005-2006 Awards:


690 students were paid $1,748,884 from 54 separate funds for the 2005-2006 academic year. Annual scholarship awards ranged from $1,000 to $7,500. Awards were made from the following scholarship funds: Burr Abner, Robert Booth, J. H. Bosard, Bowerman, Edith Chambers, Class of 1935, Coca Cola, Cossman Memorial, Norton Cowden, Leon A Culbertson, Henry and Ethel Ditzel, Craig Eagleson, Enchanted Valley, Leslie Endicott, William Frager Memorial, Foundation SS, Alison Hearn Memorial, Marion Hearn Memorial, Elma Hendricks, Hendricks-Goodrich, Harry and David Holmes, Lee and Olga Hoxworth, Louise Ingle, Richard W. Johnson, Robert Knapp Memorial, Clarice Krieg, Helen Martin, Edwin A. Meserve, Class of 1935, Grace Morris, Andrew Moursund, Clara Nasholm, Henry (Hank) Nilsen, Oregon Dads, Oregon Community Credit Union, Rockwell, Loretta S. Rossman, Mary E. Russell, Edward Farrell Rust, Dorothy Sherman, Julio Silva, Joseph K. Starr, William H. Stenhjem, Jr., Stetson, William W. Stout, C.P. Tillman, Weatherbee, Paul and Helen Weiser, Margaret Winbigler, Juan Young Trust, J & E Zimmerman, UO Presidential, and Presidential and Laurel Fee Remission.







The committee held three formal meetings throughout the academic year. Fall term the charge and calendar were presented to the committee members, the system of evaluation was discussed, members of admission and financial aid staff were authorized to serve as evaluators of freshmen applications, and Barbara (Bitty) Roy was elected as committee chair. During the winter term file reader training was conducted and file distribution discussed. Each committee member was responsible to evaluate up to 150 applications. Applicant files were evaluated based on the following: 1) the student’s academic profile, including quality of coursework, grade point average, test scores and other academic achievements; 2) the faculty letter of recommendation; 3) the student’s level of commitment to extra-curricular activities; 4) quality of written essay. During this meeting the committee also approved using the Honor’s College admissions application essay question on next year’s scholarship application. This change is in order to facilitate the transition to an electronic application shared by Admissions, Honors College and University-Wide Scholarships. During spring term, the full committee met to select 2006-2007 Bowerman recipients, choosing 9 outstanding senior students, providing one with an award of $10,500 and 8 with awards of $5000 each. Recommendations were made for the 2006-2007 school year’s scholarship application, evaluation, and process.



2006-2007 Applicants & Awards


Applications                Offers Made

Freshman                                 2239                              603

Sophomore                                295                             107                           

Junior/Senior                              458                             180                           

Grad/Law                                    179                               98               


TOTAL                                   3171                              988   


31%, 988 of the 3171 applicants were offered a scholarship.






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