The following email is posted with the permission of the parties involved. It relates to the file which is an opinion from DOJ concerning classified staff membership. This email gives permission for this document to be posted on the Senate Website.

Subject: RE: Documents Posted on the UO Senate Web Page
To: "Peter Gilkey", "President Frohnmayer"
Cc: "Gordon Sayre",, "Gwen Steigelman"
From: "Melinda Grier"
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 18:11:40 -0800

Dear Peter,

As I indicated when we spoke, I talked with AAG Leigh Salmon and explained to her our wish to make public a copy of her advice. I also conferred with President Frohnmayer who also wished the advice we received to be available.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Best regards,


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