Motion US07/08-22 Technical changes to the enabling legislation to reflect recent changes in membership.


Sponsored by Peter Gilkey

For Senate Action 14 May 2008


STATEMENT OF THE MOTION: Effective 16 June 2008


1) Section 2.1 of the ENABLING LEGISLATION of the UO Senate that deals with the composition of the UO Senate is amended to read (changed portions are underlined)


2.1 Effective January 1, 1996, the University Senate shall be sole governing body of the University in all matters of faculty governance. The University Senate shall consist of fifty-one senate seats distributed among officers of instruction, librarians, officers of administration, students, and classified staff as follows:


37 Officers of Instruction

2 Librarians

3 Officers of Administration

5 Students

3 Classified Staff

1 President of the Senate


2) Section 6.1 of the Enabling legislation that deals with the University Assembly is amended to read:


6.1 The University Assembly shall be composed of all University of Oregon

officers of instruction, librarians, officers of administration; the twenty

members of the Student Senate; twenty-five members of the ASUO Executive; and

five members of the ASUO Constitution Court.


3) Section 4.8 of the BYLAWS that deals with a quorum is amended to read


4.8 With a total of 51 Senators, or less if constituencies are not represented, the quorum for the University Senate is one more than half, as presently constituted. No business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present. The fact that one or more vacancies may exist in the Senate roster has no bearing on this quorum requirement. (See Oregon Attorney General's Administrative Law Manual, Appendix C-4.)


Financial impact: none.

Need for legislation:

a)     The student senate now comprises twenty members.

b)    There are 3 classified staff representatives with full voting membership.

Passed at the 14 May 2008 UO Senate Meeting.
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