Meeting of the University Senate
Wednesday, May 27, 2009
3:30-5:00 p.m., Knight Library Reading Room


3:30 1.  Sign in and pick up name tags

        2.  Orientation
3:35 2.1 Introduction of Newly Elected Senators - Paul van Donkelaar, Senate President
3:40 2.2 Orientation to Senate Operations - Gwen Steigelman, Secretary of the Senate

         3. Remarks
4:00 3.1 Comments from University President Dave Frohnmayer
4:05 3.2 Comments from Incoming University President Richard Lariviere
4:10 3.3 Reflections on the past year - Paul van Donkelaar, Senate President 2008-09

        4.   Organizational Business
4:20 4.1 Nominations and election of Senate Vice President for 2009-2010
4:25 4.2 Confirmation of the 2009-2010 University Senate President Peter Gilkey
4:30 4.3 Remarks from new Senate President Peter Gilkey

        5.   Awards
4:35 5.1 Presentation of the Wayne Westling Award for University Service and Leadership
              to 2009 recipient Brad Shelton, Department of Mathematics.
              Remarks by Peter Gilkey

        6.    New Business
4:40 6.1  Consideration of A motion Introduced by Frank Stahl.

5:00 Adjournment

A welcome and congratulatory reception follows immediately after the Senate meeting in the Browsing Room of the Knight Library. Please note: times listed are approximate. For information regarding the University Senate's agendas, minutes, committees, and other matters, please visit Meetings are open to all members of the university community and the public. 

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