Charge: The University of Oregon has a longstanding commitment to making its research widely available, both to the scholarly community and to the general public. Technology is now enabling faculty, universities, and disciplines to adopt new ways to provide enhanced visibility and access to research, usually through digital repositories that are freely accessible. The terms "public access" or "open access" are used to describe these methods that help to remove financial and permission barriers to scholarship and readership. The Committee will Chair: Dev Sinha Other members Barbara Altmann, Deb Carver (Dean of the Library, ex-officio), Dave Hubin (Liason with the President's office, ex-officio), Peter Gilkey (Senate President, ex-officio)Robert Illig, J. Q. Johnson, Eric Priest, Gordon Sayre, Dev Sinha.

The committee held its first meeting 9 December 2009. An abstract will be available presently. The Committee will meet again in January. Meetings are open to the interested University community.

Documents relating to the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Scholarly Publishing

  1. A page of links.
  2. Resolution US09/10-3 Establishing the committee.
  3. Formation of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Public Access to Scholarly Publishing.
  4. Email 23 November 2009 from JQ Johnson concerning possible policy statements.
  5. Email 9 December 2009 from Dev Sinha concerning the first meeting of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Public Access to Scholarly Materials.

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