Two motions were on the agenda for the 13 January UO Senate Meeting coming from Frank Stahl:


THE MOTION: At the time that candidates for promotion and/or tenure receive notice of the Provost's decision, the Provost shall share the decision letters with the Chair of the Faculty Personnel Committee.

This motion was amended at the 13 January 2010 Senate meeting to read: "Prior to notifying a candidate, the Provost shall consult with the Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) or an appropriate subcommittee thereof, when the Provost anticipates that his or her final decision could differ from the recommendation of the FPC. During this period of consultation, the Provost shall explain his or her reasons for entertaining a decision contrary to the recommendation of the FPC. At the time a decision does go forth to a candidate, the Provost shall notify the FPC of the decision." It was passed in this form.


MOVED: "The Provost shall deliver copies of the 2009 Tenure and Promotion decision letters to the Chair of the 2008-09 FPC. The 2008-09 Chair of the FPC is requested to add an amendment to her annual report to indicate whether the Provost's letters disagree with the FPC recommendations and, if so, in what manner and in how many cases." The motion was withdrawn.

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