The following represent some of the Letters received by Senate President Peter Gilkey during the academic year 1999/2000 which may be of interest to the University Community as a whole.
  1. Letter from Professor Mike Kellman Received 5 Oct 1999 08:37:09 concerning "loss of academic vigor in life at the University of Oregon, and an erosion of the academic reputation of the University in the wider world." Email: kellman@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
  2. Letter from Professor Richard A. Sundt dealing with the Autzen Stadium Expansion
  3. Letter from Provost Moseley dealing with the Autzen Stadium Expansion dated 24 November 1999
  4. Letter from President Frohnmayer regarding health benefits for University of Oregon faculty. Received 29 November 1999
  5. Letter from Duncan McDonald Vice President Public Affairs and Development giving a "fact sheet" of sorts on university fundraising. Received 30 November 1999
  6. Letter from Senator S. Clark concerning faculty governance received 1 December 1999
  7. Letter from IFS Senator P. Simonds re PEBB received 1 December 1999
  8. Text of remarks by Professor Richard A. Sundt delivered to the UO Senate 1 December 1999 which deal with the Autzen Stadium Expansion.
  9. Letter from University Librarian George Shipman dated 1 December 1999 dealing with the serials cancellation project. See also emails from George Shipman and Chair of the ULC Professor R. Psaki related to the matter.
  10. Letter from WOU Senate President Joel Alexander passing a resolution regarding PEBB. Text of the WOU Resolution.
  11. IFS President Jack Cooper notified UO Senate President Gilkey on 9 December 1999 that the PSU Senate had passed a similar motion concerning PEBB Wednesday 8 December 1999.
  12. Information provided by the Department of Inter Collegiate Athletics concerning the Autzen Stadium Expansion. See also Minutes of the 8 December 1999 meeting of the IAC (page onepage two) dealing with the Autzen Stadium Expansion.
  13. Letter (page 1 , page two) from University President Frohnmayer to Chancellor Cox regarding faculty compensation.
  14. Letter from Steve Davis (Chair Faculty Economic Welfare and Retirement Committee at OSU) concerning salary increases at OSU. 23 December 1999
  15. Letter from Professor Frank Stahl concerning faculty governance, faculty compensation, and the Riverfront Research Park. 23 December 1999
  16. Two letters from Professor Richard Sundt dealing with the Autzen Stadium Expansion. 28 December 1999
  17. Letter from Professor Frank Stahl concerning salary increases at the U of O.
  18. Letter from Professor Mary Wood (Chair University Committee on Child Care and Family Support) in support of Motion US9900-8.
  19. Letter from Professor E. Housworth requesting additional information regarding Senate Resolution US9900-7
  20. Letter from Professor David Conley on faculty compensation
  21. HTML Document from Professor Richard Sundt dealing with the white paper
  22. Letter from Professor F. Regina Psaki to President Frohnmayer about the town hall meeting
  23. Letter from Professor Sayre to Provost Moseley and letter from Provost Moseley to Professor Sayre concerning the role of athletics at the UO. Dated 27 January 2000
  24. Brief Summary of some of the topics covered in the 26 January 2000 Town Hall Meeting regarding budget and compensation. The remarks were originally intended for the faculty in Journalism and are repeated here with the permission of Senate Executive Committee Member T. Wheeler.
  25. Analysis performed by Senator Housworth of statistical data provided by the OAA concerning salary increase by school and department
  26. Letter from IFS Senator Paul Simonds concerning request for input on IFS legislative agenda
  27. Report of the OSU Senate "Towards Top Tier Status"
  28. Letter from Prof R. Sundt 14 February 2000 regarding new Basketball Facility.
  29. Letter from Aaron Weck Programs Finance Member concerning article in Emerald on Programs Finance Committee
  30. Letter from Senator McLaughlin concerning budget figures provided by Provost Moseley. A response from Frances Dyke is appended.
  31. Emails dealing with a request by Senator Phillips for information from Provost Moseley and giving intent to give notice of motion at the UO Senate 8 March 2000 and response from Provost Moseley.
  32. Email from Scott Austin regarding US9900-9 Statement of University of Oregon Community Values
  33. Email from IFS Senator Turner regarding "formation of Scholars Network"
  34. Information about Dancing Ducks as of1 April 2000
  35. Letter from Senator Dunn regarding US9900-7 resolution regarding COLA.
  36. The text of the "demands" presented to President Frohnmayer by the Students 4 April 2000
  37. An email dated 5 April 2000 from President Frohnmayer dealing with the sit in in Johnson Hall 4 April 2000
  38. An email dated 5 April 2000 from Senator S. Clark dealing with the Licensing Code of Conduct and US9900-10A
  39. An email dated 8 April 2000 from Professor Sundt dealing with the WRC and US9900-10A
  40. Information concerning the WRC provided by Professor Schombert 10 April 2000
  41. An Email dated 10 April 2000 from Scott Daniel Austin dealing with US9900-9
  42. An email from S. Jacobson dated 10 April 2000 dealing with US9900-10A and US9900-10B
  43. Letter from the FAC dealing with US9900-10A and US9900-10B
  44. Quesion from Senator Phillips regarding US9900-9
  45. Email from S. Jacobson dated 11 April 2000 dealing with the Senate meeting 12 April 2000
  46. Resolution from the UOAA presented to the Senate 12 April 2000 and an Expression of gratitude from Senate President Gilkey to the UOAA at the 12 April 2000 meeting
  47. Letter from UO President Frohnmayer to M. Roeper WRC, official notification (pages one and two) JPEG scanned format
  48. Email from Mr. Grooters 20 April 2000 re Nike and WRC
  49. Email from President Frohnmayer 21 April 2000 re Diversity.
  50. Press release from Phil Nike 24 April 2000 re WRC.
  51. Email from President Frohnmayer 25 April 2000 re WRC
  52. Email from Kate Northcott re WRC
  53. Email from Mike Unger re WRC
  54. Email from Huaxin Lin re WRC 5 May 2000
  55. Email from Scott Kerlin re U of Oregon White Paper, Faculty Survey, and Budget Issues 5 May 2000 4 May 2000
  56. Email from Mr. Horswell 8may00 re WRC
  57. Email from Lucy Lynch re OAA Survey 15 May 2000. Response by Patty Gwartney 17 May 2000
  58. Email from S. Jacobson dated 19 May 2000 announcing meeting "A VOICE FROM NIKE'S FACTORY FLOOR (23 May 2000)

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