Yes there is surf in Oregon! And the University of Oregon Surf Club is on it! Our club is an official member of the University of Oregon club sports open to current students and faculty. No matter what you ride or your skill level, if you are interested in surfing we encourage you to come join us!

Surfing club activities:
– Weekly meetings
– Volunteer beach cleanups
– Participate in NSSA surfing competitions
– Weekend day trips to local beaches
– School sponsored trips out of state

Getting to the Beach:

Getting to the beach is no problem. Many club members go to the beach every weekend. Watch for our weekly e-mails to find out who is driving that weekend. How we get to the beach varies depending on the trip. Unofficial trips are taken in private cars, while official trips are taken in university supplied vans.

The Risk Factor:
Anytime you go in the ocean, there is a safety risk involved. Do to this fact, surfing is considered the most dangerous sport that the university sponsors. But we can minimize the risk by looking out for each other. We encourage beginners to come out and learn about the sport. The practice of proper surf etiquette is essential to the safety of ourselves and others. The club encourages all surfers to follow this practice. Also there will be at least one member certified in CPR on all official trips. If you are interest in getting CPR certified contact the club coordinator.

Sadly at this time we are unable to provide equipment to club members. All club members should have there own board and wetsuit. A minimum of a 4/3 mm thick wetsuit, booties, gloves and a hood is recommended for the cold Oregon waters.  Locally you can rent wetsuits and boards from Board Sports and Tactics board shops.

How to Join:
To join the club visit the Club Sports office on the bottom floor of the EMU across from the computer lab. Fill out the yellow club sports membership/waiver and the pink medical history and insurance form. We will be looking forward to surfing with you in the future!