De Rham Cohomology (Math 410/510) - Spring 2017

Instructor: Vadim Vologodsky.
E-mail :
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 15:00 - 16:00, Thursdays, 14:00 - 15:00, and by appointments, in Deady 101.
Venue and time: The class meets on MWF at 13:00-13:50 in Deady Hall 303.
Course description: The course will cover the following topics: singular (co)homology of topological spaces, differential forms on smooth manifolds, Stokes's formula, de Rham cohomology, and the de Rham theorem.
General Policy: There will be one in class hour test and a two hour final exam. Homework will usually be assigned weekly on Wednesdays and due the next week. Here is how I will weight these items:
Hour Test: 100 points
Final Exam: 200 points,
Homework: 100 points total.
Important dates:
Hour Test : Monday, May 1. Review problems.
Final Exam: 14:45 Thursday, June 15. Review problems.

Text: Introduction to smooth manifolds, by J. Lee
Additional information as well as homework assignments will be posted on the web: http://www.pages.

Homeworks :
  1. HW 1. Due Wednesday, April 19.
  2. HW 2. Due Friday, April 28.
  3. HW 3. Due Monday, May 22.