Winifred Kerner: Piano Teacher in Eugene, Oregon

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The two grand pianos that students and piano teacher Winifred Kerner use during lessons.

The Winifred Kerner Piano Studio is a facility with two grand pianos and a harpsichord: A Steinway D grand (1992) from Faust Harrison pianos in New York and a Yamaha G2, 5' 8'' grand (1965). The Dupree Harpsichord (1983) is a single manual Flemish style instrument. The instruments are available for recording purposes.

In the teaching studio, since there are two pianos, the teacher is able to demonstrate and play with the student on artist quality instruments. We are able to play two-piano duets. The Dupree Flemish style harpsichord is also a favorite among students for exploring Baroque touch, and getting ideas about the keyboard style of the period and how knowledge of the instrument might inform performance.

The dampers and higher strings of one of the studio's pianos. The dampers and lower strings of the same piano. Another picture of the lower strings.